Ideas for Completing Work

Setting up the Environment

1. Visuals; There are many resource packs for visuals of daily activities available online; If possible implement a simple basic schedule for your child at home over the next few weeks. This will create a sense of security and predictability for your child.

2. Define where the work space will be. As much as is practical use the same area laid out in the same way for work activities. Where possible choose a space that is distraction free. Consider certain props you may use to visually ‘cue’ that it is work time. For example if you are using the kitchen table consider using a particular mat on the table along with a clock/timer & child’s schedule.

3. Try, where possible, to stick to some form of schedule and go through this with your child visually each time an activity begins and ends. This establishes trust, the child knows when an activity will end and what will come next. This is particularly helpful when a preferred activity (e.g. iPad time) comes after a non-preferred activity (work time). When the child knows that something they enjoy is happening next they are more motivated to complete the initial task.

Setting up a work task

1. Use your defined work area you have decided upon above.

2. Only the materials required for the task and your child’s schedule (First and Then) showing them what comes next should be in the teaching area. Anything else is a distraction and will disrupt the task.

3. Visually lay out the materials in a logical way working left to right where possible. For multi-step tasks only offer one item at a time initially.

4. Model & Prompt -your child may need you to model how to complete the work first, then additional prompts may be needed as your child progresses through the work.

5. Have FUN!!! If your child is not engaging in the work tasks, stop and try again later. Remember learning can take place away from the designated work area so do not stress if your child is not engaging.

This video discusses structure and routine

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