School work for 5th class

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),
I hope you are all keeping well in these unprecedented times. To lend a helping hand to the great work taking place at home I have compiled a list of suggestions and practical tips to help support your child’s learning over the next few weeks. Please note, if students do not have their books at home, both book publishers Folens & CJ Fallon have made their books available online. You just have to log onto their websites.
This work is merely a guide to some topics the children may wish to engage with over the next few weeks. As you are probably already aware, websites that were previously suggested, all have great resources and activities to further support children’s learning at home. 
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. My email address is 


  • Reading and comprehension:

5th class:

Reading Zone:

Call of the Sea (Folens).        

 Unit 23: Call of the Sea.                         

Unit 24: Special Fridays.             

 Unit 25: Saint of the Gutters.


  • Free writing. 

Choose one of the following to write about: 

Diary entry.

Recount (report of an event). 

Fiction (short story). 

Instructional (recipe / rules of a game).

  • Spellings:

Continue with spelling list (Learn 1 list per week & put spellings into sentences. Look up new words in dictionary). 


Bí ag caint as Gaeilge chomh minic as is féidir!

Folens have useful online resources for Abair Liom that may assist learning of new material.

  • Abair Liom (Folens) Aonad 13, ‘An teicneolaíocht timpeall orainn’. 
  • Abair Liom, Aonad 14, ‘Na Zombaithe’.
  • Continue on with litriú (Learn 1 list per week & put into sentences. Look up new words in dictionary). 
  • Continue on with Am Don Leamh (Folens). 


5th class: 

Continue on with Mathemagic 5 (CJFallon).

Check out suggested websites for maths games and activities. Revise multiplication and division tables.
Play tables games.


History Quest (CJFallon):

  • Chapter 11 – World War II.
  • Chapter 12 – Martin Luther King Junior.

Check out websites such as Twinkl for great resources and activities on these topics. 


Geography Quest (CJFallon):

  • Chapter 15 – Rivers of the World.
  • Chapter 16 – Poetry and Famine.

Check out websites such as Twinkl for great resources and activities on these topics. Science: 
Try some simple Science experiments at home.

  • 10@10: Try to incorporate 10 minutes of physical activity into your day. A great movement break in between lessons.
  • Go Noodle and Just Dance – have great ideas to get moving.
  • For ideas for every strand of the PE Curriculum check out
  • There are also lots of great videos online with brilliant ideas to stay active 
  • Other Ideas for Learning:
  • Read a book.
  • Learn a new song.
  • DEAR (Drop Everything And Read).
  • Complete a project on a topic of your choice.
  • Practice your typing skills.
  • Nature walks.
  • Write a diary/ Scríobh dialann.
  • Free Writing / Saorscríbhneoireacht 
  • Write a poem/ Scríobh dán.
  • Paint/draw/create. 
  • Play word games such as scrabble.

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