3rd Class extra work

Dear Parent (s)/ Guardian (s),

I hope you are all keeping well at this time. Hopefully the children are adjusting ok to the strange times we currently experiencing. Hopefully we will get to see each other at school again before too long.

Below is a list of suggested extra work you might want to engage in with your child during the course of the coming weeks. It is completely optional as an extra to anything you might be already engaging in at home. Please don’t put any undue pressure on yourself or your child to get through all the work. Decide what is best for you/ your child. Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns you might have. My email is carolannomeara@outlook.ie

As you are probably already aware, there are lots of games, activities, resources and powerpoints on Twinkl for all school subjects. I have linked a few below but feel free to use any others that take your interest. If children do not have their books at home both book publishsers, Folens and Fallons have made the books available online. You just need to log on to their website.

Yours sincerely,

Carolann O’ Meara



Reading & Comprehension:

Continue working through reading and comprehension activites in ‘The Talking Horse’. Look up words in red and put them into a sentence to show understanding.

Complete comprehension activities.

Twinkl Ireland have a good range of comprehension activities. Here are links to a few but feel free to complete different activities of interest to you.



Read any books you may have at home. Complete a book report when finished


As an alternative to completing a book report, children could complete a synopsis of a film they recently viewed.


Feel free to engage in DEAR (Drop Everything AND Read) time during the day. 10-15 minutes with your choice of book!


Continue with spelling lists (one per week). Explain the words at the beginning of the week and write/ learn four spellings each day.


Write some stories. Choose between recount (retelling an event) or imaginative. Children could write a recount of their experience so far of social distancing due to Corona Virus.

Make up your own title e.g If I had a superpower…



Children could also practice their ‘procedural writing’ which we had been working on this term.

Any sort of ‘free writing’ would also be beneficial. Encourage children to be as imaginative as possible!


Continue working through handwriting book. Remember to take care forming each letter and completing each sentence. Watch out for capitals and correct punctuation.



Continue with litriú sheets. One page each week. Explain words at the beginning of the week. Write/ learn 3 words each day.

Continue with reading ‘Am Don Léamh’. Two pages per week is sufficient. Revise previous pages and ensure understanding of each word.

An Gairdín Scoile’ – l.32

‘ag obair’ – working

‘rinne’ – made

‘cré – clay’

‘síolta’ – seeds

‘d’fhás’ – grew

‘plúiríní sneachta’ – snow drops

‘cloigíní gorma’ – blue bells

‘Froganna’ – l.34

‘ina luí’ – lying

‘ina sheasamh’ – standing

‘ag múineadh’ – teaching

An Béar Bán’ – l.36

‘láidir’ – strong

‘fásann’- grows

Fógra don Zú’ – l.38

‘fógra’ – notice/sign

‘muineál’ – neck

‘ag luascadh’ – swinging

‘bí curamach’ – be careful

Caipín Snámha’ – l.40

‘léim’ – jumped

‘ag súgradh’ – playing

‘tháinig’ – came

‘léim’ – jumped

Sa Siopa Milseán’ – l.42

‘siopadóir’ – shop keeper

‘airgead’ – money

‘thug’ – gave

Continue reading ‘Abair Liom’

Remaining chapters include ‘Caitheamh Aimsire’ 17&18 and ‘Ócáidí Speisialta’ 19&20.

It would be worthwhile to log on to the folens website, open the ‘Abair Liom E’ section and allow children time to listen to the conversations and complete the online activities. This should further help with understanding of new pieces of reading.

  • Use Irish words for everyday objects where possible.
  • Say the day, month and season each morning ‘As Gaeilge’!
  • Practice saying name, age and any other facts about themselves -_____is ainm dom.

Tá mé ____mbliana d’aois.

Tá mo bhreithlá i mí _____

Tá I rang a dó.

Tá mé i mo chonaí sa _____.

Tá a lán caitheamh aimsire agaam Tá suim agam sa _____.

Revise verbs – ‘cuir’, ‘feic’, ‘ith’, ‘ól’, ‘imir’, ‘déan’, ‘féach’, ‘faigh’

An Cháisc (Easter)






Complete revision chapters in Mathemagic 3.

Place emphasis on ‘renaming’ with a zero.

6 0 4 5 10 4 5 9 14
-2 4 7 -2 4 7 -2 4 7
3 5 7

Tables: Practice tables x and ÷ from 1 to 12

Practice, practice, practice?





Informal maths such as time can be practised during the course of the day. Practice telling the time. Convert time from analog to digital time.

Where possible practice fractions during the course of the day also.


Chapters that have not yet been covered include

  • Capacity
  • Area
  • Length

Topics such as weight, length, capacity and money can also be practised more informally.

  • Measuring the length of room, garden etc by measuring with their feet. Estimate first! Then use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the exact length. Remember 100 centimetres = 1 metre
  • Writing down the weight of various items in the home, list these from heaviest to lightest. Remember 1,000 grams = 1 kilogram
  • Capacity: Finding ‘liquid’ containers in the home – show children 1litre container. Ask them to list liquid items in the home or around the home that would hold ‘more than’ or ‘less than’ 1litre. Remember 1,000 ml = 1 L.
  • Money – add up various values of money and find change from €1, €2 or €5




Research a topic related to the theme of the Green Flag ‘Marine Environment’

Choose from the following:

  • Plastic Islands
  • Life cycle of a plastic bottle
  • Micro beads
  • Marine Litter
  • Woodford Bay
  • Woodford River

Revise counties of Ireland and locating them on a map.





In an atlas locate the main rivers of Ireland. Name the counties the rivers flow through.



Powerpoint presentation about Galway.



History of the GAA


Galway past and present powerpoint.




The Easter Story:




Children can practice their skills by typing stories they have written or typing pieces of information they have found during research of topic ‘Marine Environment’.



Remember to stay active?

How many jumping jacks/ skips/ hops on one leg/ ball bounces etc can you do in one minute? Time yourself.

Try again in another day or two and see can you beat your first score!

If weather isn’t good enough to get outside remember there are lots of active videos on:

  • Go Noodle
  • Just Dance
  • Operation Transformation 10@10



Engaging in art will depend on what resources are available to you at home. One that doesn’t need any resources other than paper and a pencil are ‘Still life drawings’ – placing an object on a table (fruit/ flowers etc) and attempt to draw the object by looking closely at the lines, shape and form visible on the object.

Self portrait – Using a mirror or tablet screen, attempt to draw your own face, taking note of lines, shape and form of the face.

You could also design and decorate an easter egg.

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